BeTech is a bottom-up, entrepreneur-driven movement, boosting a strong knowledge, cohesion and network effect to nurture the entrepreneurial mindset in Belgium.

BeTech stands for:

  • the BeTech Movement: changing the mindset and mentality towards entrepreneurship in Belgium and making it more accessible to all.
  • guiding (starting) entrepreneurs by offering them a framework on the exchange of experiences between peers / beyond generations (pay-it-forward principle).
  • Impacting society: offering a positive contribution to challenges in society via the joined skills and talents BeTech gathers (i.e. Covid-Solidarity).


<span”>The BeTech movement is all about implementing the “pay it forward” mentality by and for Belgian tech entrepreneurs, to help other entrepreneurs move forward. BeTech actions are always bottom-up, people-centric and focused on entrepreneurs.




Our actions

BeTech wants entrepreneurs to learn from each other and share valuable insights. BeTech offers both online interactions to share knowledge and offline events to encourage a stronger cohesion between peers.

BeTech Community

Vibrant peer-to-peer online community.

BeTech Medium

Share your knowledge or experience.

BeTech First Tuesdays

One host.

Many entrepreneurs. 

BeTech Circle

One table.

Many entrepreneurs. 

BeTech Remote

One remote location.

Many entrepreneurs. 

BeTech Mission

One destination.

Many entrepreneurs. 

Get involved

BeTech is a grassroot initiative driven by entrepreneurs volunteering their time, energy, experience and resources to pay it forward. The success of BeTech is the sum of all its entrepreneurs’ efforts. We strive for quality above quantity in everything we do, all the time.