Our history

March 2014

The BeTech initiative was launched in March 2014, by Kristoffer Tjalve. The journey started on Twitter and helped to build general awareness towards the initiative, though it did not always bring high value, often more promotion than valuable information or content. 


November 2014

Nicolas Frenay joined Kristoffer in the initiative a few months later. When exploring better, more suitable channels, Facebook at the time came out as the most valuable channel for the community to provide moderated content, knowledge and guidance following the BeTech DNA, brand and its values, with a focus on Belgian Tech Entrepreneurs.

BeTech is a fully bottom up initiative, driven and owned by peers. Steadily, the initiative evolved towards a recognisable brand: Belgians in Tech – Be in Tech. A brand to say, become a BeTecher, become an entrepreneur, join us. A brand used in every activity we do. A brand to support you: start now, you will not be alone, there is a community of peers that will support you, same as they have been supported before by others.


Early – April 2018

BeTech was recognized by Facebook as one of the leading meaningful groups in Europe. 

The BeTech brand moved towards a movement, launched in April 2018: The Belgian Tech movement. A nationwide movement around tech entrepreneurship, stimulating general awareness by activating the community in building this together. Be Dynamic – Be Ambitious.

From the beginning, BeTech has acted as a startup: build, feel and adapt, in search of maximum value and impact for its core, the Belgian Tech Entrepreneurs.


November 2019

For the past years BeTech has been on the frontline of entrepreneurship in Belgium. We have set up and organised the BeTech Community Group, BeTech First Tuesdays, BeTech Remotes, BeTech Circles, BeTech Year-end Parties, …to foster, embrace and promote entrepreneurship.

BeTech became the reference in the entrepreneurial landscape for (starting) entrepreneurs, as well as students and young people interested in technology and entrepreneurship.

By the end of November 2019, the foundations were made to turn BeTech into a philanthropic association. To maintain, sustain and grow BeTech.

The foundation acts to accelerate the development and sustainability of BeTech, beyond generations.

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